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FACTS (Fagron Academy Compounding Technical Services)

Facts about FACTS

Fagron Academy understands that learning doesn't end once class is over. Beginning January 1, 2016, Fagron Academy Compounding Technical Services (FACTS) will be available to all clients of Fagron Inc., B&B Pharmaceuticals, and Freedom Pharmaceuticals. FACTS is a subscription-based professional service providing live consulting support, online formulation database, technical resources, formulation research and development, clinical resources, calculation support, application troubleshooting, physical chemistry information and many other related resources. FACTS is staffed by pharmacy professionals from a wide-variety of practice setting with years of unique and specialized training and work experiences. In addition, the FACTS team has formulation chemists and pharmaceutical compounding experts from around the world to provide you with global information, research and data resources. Let the FACTS staff help you grow you practice and support your continued compounding journey.


Beginning Date: January 1, 2016
Service Period: 1 Year
Fee: $1,200 or FREE with $5,000 in combined sales within 1 year of contract date from Fagron Inc., B&B Pharmaceuticals, or Freedom Pharmaceuticals. Fagron Academy education events also count toward total.


REGISTER NOW: http://www.fagronacademy.us/user/register

FACTS Subscriber Benefits
  • Online Formulation database
  • Clinical resources
  • Formulation research and development
  • Application assistance and troubleshooting
  • Chemical information and resources
  • Formulation templates
  • Technical resources
  • Clinical research
  • Newsletter
  • Fagron Academy education special offers

Contact us today to subscribe facts@fagronacademy.us or 305-575-2480


REGISTER NOW: http://www.fagronacademy.us/user/register