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2017 Continuing Education for the Compounding Pharmacist Class Schedule Announced

Fri, 01/27/2017
Continuing Education Classes Presented by Fagron Academy

Modern Pharmaceutical Compounding

Dates: 3/15-17, 5/10-12, 6/21-23, 9/13-15, 11/08-10

Join the compounding experts from Fagron Academy for a three-day comprehensive compounding course covering the principles of contemporary pharmaceutical compounding, innovations, regulatory and quality. Attendees will have the opportunity to compound and learn about over 20 dosage forms, as well as use the latest in compounding tools, equipment, and techniques. At the conclusion of this course, attendees will have the skills and understanding to begin a non-sterile compounding practice.

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Veterinary Compounding and Clinical Perspectives

Dates:  4/20-21, 10/5-6  

Join the Fagron Academy for a tour through veterinary compounding. Attendees will be instructed on common disease states and conditions seen in veterinary medicine. Guest expert speakers will share their knowledge of how compounded preparations are utilized in practice. Pharmacist and technicians will have the opportunity to compound various innovative dosage forms such as treats, foams, and mucoadhesive powders during the laboratory session. This two-day course will increase your understanding of veterinary medicine and the opportunities for your community compounding practice.

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USP 800 Deconstructed 

Dates: 3/30-31, 10/26-27 

If you have many questions about how to implement USP 800 in your practice, join Fagron Academy for a two-day course where you will learn from experts in the fields of cleanroom design, contamination control, ventilation technology and documentation writing to include a SOP writing workshop.  We will break down the chapter into manageable sections in which the experts can clarify the standard, answer your questions and help you make informed decisions.  Included in this coursework, we offer hands-on training in our state of the art non-sterile laboratory.  This will demonstrate and give you a better understanding of how this standard will impact daily compounding processes from beginning to end. At the completion of this course, you will have an increased understanding of how to implement and become compliant with USP 800.

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