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Compounding for Wound and Scar Therapy

Fri, 07/01/2016

Wounds and scars of all types and complexities can benefit from the flexibility of compounded formulations. Fagron offers uniquely designed compounding bases to meet the specialized needs of your patients. With a full line of the most appropriate Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) you will have all the necessary tools to treat patients young and old during all phases of the wound healing process.

July Special: 25% OFF

Base for Wound: Clovagel™ Base

Clovagel™ Base is an occlusive vehicle to help maintain moisture in specific skin areas such as wounds. It is a water-washable gel base to ease cleansing and debriding affected skin areas. Clovagel™ Base is formulated without polyethylene glycol and may therefore be a preferable choice for patients with renal impairment and elderly patients. Clovagel™ Base allows for flexible use in clinical and home-care settings and may be used as-is or as a vehicle for tailored drug therapy.

Base for Scar: Nourisil™ Silicone Base

Nourisil™ Silicone Base is an anhydrous silicone base with vitamin E. This occlusive yet skin-friendly base has an elegant skin feel. It contains a unique blend of silicones that promotes hydration which supposts normal-healing properties. Nourisil™ silicone base is specifically formulated for application on scar tissue, and can also be used to prevent unaesthetic scars. It offers unique versatility for compounding challenges and retains its consistency with a broad range of APIs, DCIs (dermaceutical ingredients), oils and solvents.

The following API’s are 25% OFF in July (Promo Code: CAM160021)

  • Diphenhydramine HCl USP
  • Fluticasone Propionate USP
  • Itraconazole Powder
  • Lidocaine USP
  • Metronidazole USP
  • Prilocaine HCl USP