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Fagron Academy Opens, Providing Compounding and Clinical Training

Fri, 01/23/2015

Miami, FL (Jan 23, 2015) – Fagron North America has officially launched Fagron Academy, the most progressive compounding and clinical training facility in the United States.  Fagron Academy will advance pharmaceutical compounding in the US with the resources only available through the global market leader Fagron.

Enrollment is now open for Fagron Academy’s first regional symposium in February, with non-sterile and sterile compounding training courses to begin in March. 

The Academy’s course-based tuition offers relief from the industry-standard membership model, but that is just the first of several important advantages for compounding professionals, according to Academy Director Craig Hitchman.

“We seek to elevate and enhance compounding through training and support to consistently deliver the most innovative and highest-quality pharmaceutical compounding services,” Hitchman said. “Our programs extend well-beyond traditional training to create a progressive learning hub for this specialty practice area. As the global market leader in pharmaceutical compounding, we believe Fagron is best-positioned to drive this evolution.”

The Academy’s integrated programs combine didactic lectures with hands-on, interactive labs. Courses are designed to equip compounding professionals with the latest practice skills in a manner that ensures they are immediately applicable in the delivery of patient-centered care. The dedicated full-time faculty is supported by a roster of national and international compounding experts who serve as guest lecturers.

Fagron Academy’s $3mm facility was designed by G. Alvarez Studio Inc. to combine ultra functionality with clean, modern aesthetics. The facility features a 7,800 sq. ft. compounding training space with a fully equipped, non-sterile training laboratory and a 1300 sq. ft., ISO-certified clean room designed by Clean Air Technology.

“We are a global resource that will be unrivaled in the U.S.,” Fagron North America President Jake Jackson said. “Our facility, personnel and global experience will bring a new wave of compounding knowledge to our customers. Further, it doesn’t hurt that our customers’ educational experience will be 15 stories up in warm, sunny downtown Miami!”