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Fagron Advanced Derma – ***New Innovations***

Tue, 05/03/2016

Fagron Advanced Derma

The skin is the largest organ of the body. It protects us from environmental attacks including, chemicals, UV light, and other oxidants. Optimal skin functions will maintain moisture and regulate body temperature. The process of aging along with many environmental causes can result in impaired barrier function, premature skin aging, oxidation, pruritus, and dermatitis. In many cases compounded options are needed to assist in the repair and recovery of these skin stressors. Fagron offers bases containing essential oils, biopeptides, and antioxidants to help replenish the skin’s reserves. Our Fagron Advanced Derma line can be a valuable tool to deliver APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) to damaged skin areas.

Newest Additions to Fagron Advanced Derma: 
– Occluvan™ Hydrophilic Ointment Base
– Emolivan™ Natural W/O Cold Cream Base 
– Nourilite™ Vanishing O/W Emulsion Base
– Seraqua™ Ultra-light O/W Serum Base 
– Solydra™ Natural Oil Base
Fagron Advanced Derma also includes:
– Espumil™ Lipophilic Foam Base 
– Fitalite™ Natural Gel Cream Base 
– Nourisil™ Anhydrous Silicone Base 
– Nourivan™ Antiox Antioxidant Cream Base 
– Versatile™ Cream Base 
– Versatile™ Rich Cream Base