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Fagron Inc. Introduces New Clarifying Cream Base - Cleoderm™

Mon, 12/02/2019
Innovative Non-Comedogenic Cream Base For Topical And Dermatological Compounding

St. Paul, Minn – December 2, 2019Fagron, Inc. (Fagron) introduces Cleoderm™  Clarifying Cream Base, an innovative emulsion for use in personalized dermatological compounding. Cleoderm™ is a light and versatile base that remains elegant even after compounding with a wide variety of APIs. The addition of sunflower wax-esters, with unique botanical compositions, gives this luxurious base increased formulation stability and emollience.

“Quality is at the core of everything we do at Fagron,” states Andrew Pulido, President of Fagron, Inc., “Cleoderm™ demonstrates the efforts we make to responsibly source high-quality ingredients for all innovations in dermatology. The sustainable plant oils and emulsifiers make it an ideal and convenient base to better serve patients and healthcare providers.”


About Cleoderm

Cleoderm™ is formulated from cleome gynandra leaf extracts with the addition of hyaluronic acid, bisbolol, and three unique amino acid peptides. Free from dyes, parabens, mineral oil, SLS, propylene glycol, and petrolatum, Cleoderm™ is especially suitable for dehydrated and affected skin.


About Fagron, Inc.

Fagron, Inc., a Fagron global company, is a leading developer and supplier of innovative delivery vehicles (creams, syrups, and lotions), bulk pharmaceutical ingredients, excipients, and high-quality compounding equipment. Based in St. Paul, MN, it is a US FDA and DEA-registered pharmaceutical manufacturer that strictly adheres to current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). All batches are tested for identity, strength, quality, purity, and compliance with relevant USP or other monographs in Fagron's in-house analytical laboratory. For more information, visit fagron.us


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