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Fagron Launches UniSpend Anhydrous

Wed, 11/29/2017

ST. PAUL, Minn., November 29, 2017 - - Fagron, Inc. introduces UniSpend Anhydrous, an innovative oral suspension base, that allows for easy compounding of water-unstable active pharmaceutical ingredients, or where the stability of a drug in suspension is unknown. UniSpend Anhydrous is an elegant, easy to use, plant-based oral suspension vehicle that utilizes triglycerides that are extremely resistant to oxidation and are preservative-free. Fagron’s newest innovation gives pharmacists the convenience of a universal suspension with a good stability profile including 180-day beyond-use dating (BUD) per USP <795>.

Created with children and animals in mind, UniSpend Anhydrous is preservative, allergen, dye and BHT Free (no corn, soy, dairy, nuts, gluten, or eggs). Available in both an unsweetened and sweetened version, customers now have new options for a commercially available anhydrous suspension base. UniSpend Anhydrous Sweetened is naturally sweetened and fortified with a bitterness masking agent for optimal palatability. UniSpend Anhydrous Unsweetened contains no dyes and has a mild-to-no taste. 

"Fagron is excited to deliver a highly innovative solution to meet market demands with a pharmacist-friendly base. This product launch fills another important niche," stated Ronaldo Steentjes, General Manager, Fagron, Inc. 

Fagron, Inc. routinely introduces innovative products to the market based on research completed in their own R&D center. The R&D team works closely with healthcare providers to deliver optimized compounding solutions with high-quality results. Fagron continuously advances knowledge through scientific studies, which are frequently published in renowned scientific journals. To find out more, visit fagron.us.