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Introducing Fagron Academy Compounding Technical Services (FACTS)

Mon, 05/18/2015

We are pleased to introduce you to Fagron Academy Compounding Technical Services (FACTS)

Why Register for FACTS?
When you register for FACTS, you immediately have access to a large online formulation database, clinical resources, application assistance, formulation templates, and technical resources to assist with formula challenges and help you build your business.

Register for FACTS by May 29th to save 20% on your next purchase from Fagron, Inc. (orders over $100) using this code CAM150022.

Register for FACTS to be entered to win one of three Apple iPad Airs!
(Register by May 29th at 6pm CST to be entered.)

Make sure you sign up today to take advantage of these benefits. 

FACTS Subscriber Benefits:

  • Online formulation database
    • Over 500 formulations currently available, more are being added every day
  • Clinical resources
  • Access to a variety of pharmacy professionals to assist with questions
  • Hands-on testing of problematic formulations
  • Formulation research and development
  • Application assistance and troubleshooting
  • Chemical information and resources
  • Formulation templates
  • Technical resources
  • Clinical research
  • Newsletter
  • Fagron Academy education special offers

Starting June 1st, 2015,  Professional Services offered by Fagron, Inc. will no longer be offered. FACTS will be the only technical support option available for customers who choose to subscribe.

REGISTER NOW: http://www.fagronacademy.us/user/register

Contact us today at facts@fagronacademy.us or 305-575-2480 to subscribe or learn more.