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Patients and Physicians for Rx Access!

Fri, 06/27/2014

Last week we announced the formation of Patients and Physicians for Rx Access. Many of you have already jumped in and joined the coalition. Thank you for your support.

We wanted to let you know that there are new tools available. As the clock ticks and the Patients and Physicians for Rx Access coalition grows, it is more important than ever to spread the word to patients about ways they can protect their access to compounded medications.
The available tools will help individuals understand how to maintain access to compounded medications and navigate the issue.
New tools on the website include:
• Suggested website content to post on your existing websites
• Letter to send to patients/clients to inform them about the potential changes to prescription access
• Posters
• Fact sheets
• FAQ page to navigate the issue
Visit Save Rx Access to learn more about the coalition. You can also help spread the word by following Save Rx Access on Facebook and LinkedIn.