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Save Patients' Access to Compound Medications

Mon, 06/23/2014

As a leader in the compounding industry, Fagron, Inc. is proud to support an independent coalition to spread awareness of recent benefit changes restricting patients' access to compounded medications.This independent coalition is working diligently to protect your patient's right to specialized healthcare.

Announcing Save Rx Access!

Save Rx Access is a coalition of people and organizations working to save patients' access to compound medications.The voices of your pharmacy, patients, physicians, employer groups and elected representatives is critical to bringing awareness to these changes and protecting individualized compound therapy.

We have provided the link to Save Rx Access' website where you will find the most up-to-date information. The website has support documents available to your patients. The documents include suggested letters for your patients to send their employers, as well as a template to send directly to the PBMs.

Unite with us to ensure the coverage of compound prescriptions by taking advantage of the documents and resources provided by Save Rx Access. Patients should be treated based on their health, not their finances. Together as an industry, we can ensure that individualized patient care is not compromised.

Help spread the word by following Save Rx Access on Facebook and LinkedIn.