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Novel Multipurpose Mucosal Adhesive

Intimae™ Vaginal Cream Base

Intimae™  vaginal cream is a rich mucosal adhesive cream with unique antibacterial and bio-adherent properties. Designed with precision, this multipurpose base contains hyaluronic acid that helps initiate moisturization, thereby reducing irritation.

It’s mucosal-tolerant ingredients make Intimae™ suitable for a broad spectrum of topical or intravaginal treatment options. Intimae™ requires a simple three-step compounding process and can be placed in Fagron’s vaginal cream dispenser for easy dosing. 


Benefits of Intimae™

  • Bio-adherent properties
  • Mucosal-tolerant ingredients
  • Unique antibacterial properties
  • Gently buffered to slightly acidic
  • Hyaluronic Acid to help moisturization
  • Compatible with a broad range of APIs and DCIs, solvents and oils
  • Simple three-step compounding process

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