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Novel Multipurpose Mucosal Adhesive

UniSpend Anhydrous®


UniSpend Anhydrous® is an elegant, easy-to-use, plant-based, oral suspension vehicle. This product utilizes preservative-free and oxidation resistant triglycerides. UniSpend Anhydrous® comes in flavors of sweetened, unsweetened, and fish. UniSpend Anhydrous® Sweetened is naturally sweetened and fortified with a bitterness masking agent for optimal palatability. UniSpend Anhydrous® Unsweetened contains no dyes and has virtually no taste. UniSpend Anhydrous® TripleFish is designed for feline and other animal use.


UniSpend Anhydrous® Vs. Traditional Formula


UniSpend Anhydrous®

Traditional Formula (prepared in-house)
Smooth, nongreasy Oily
Flavorless Faint almond flavor
Emulsification system (less settling) Silica gel (settling)
Sweetened, unsweetened, bitterness masking Only unsweetened
Extremely resistant to oxidation Prone to oxidation


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