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2016 Year End Equipment Sale



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PROMO CODE: CAM160034 | *Pricing valid 11/21/2016 through 12/31/2016. 

SyrSpend® SF BUY 5 GET 1 FREE!

SyrSpend SF Buy 5 Get 1 FREE (Nov 2016) | Fagron US
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Promo Code: CAM160032
Mix and match flavors. Same size and price to qualify. @ List Price, NO additional discounts applied. While supplies last. All sales are final. Only available November 2-30, 2016.


New Compounder Startup Incentive

How this works!

The New Compounder Startup Incentive program is designed for new compounders who still need equipment or education. We would like to encourage best compounding practices. Compounders who take advantage of this program will have all the equipment they need to compound properly and safely with the added bonus of free compounding education and technical support! To be eligible for this program, you must purchase a minimum of one item from lists #1-4, a minimum purchase of $9670. (If the total purchase is $18,000 or more, you may qualify for a second free Modern Pharmaceutical Compounding class. Purchases must be made in the same transaction.)



OHAUS Promotions

Free Printer, on OHAUS! Receive a free thermal printer with every Adventurer® purchase!


FREE Frontier Mini Centrifuge with your purchase of an Explorer


NEW List Price on Explorer®! Analytical, Precision, and High Capacity Balances.


FREE MB Maintenance Kit Limited Time Offer!


FREE Lab Start Up Kit with your purchase of an Explorer® or Adventurer® balance


Spring Sale 20% OFF, Starter® 5000 High Performance Bench pH Meter