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FagronLab™ is the first global product line of compounding equipment. Made by pharmacists for pharmacists.
Leading advanced dermatological care

FagronLab™ RVC1 Laboratory Vacuum Cleaner

Laboratory robot vacuum cleaner

Professional robot vacuum for reliable and SOP compliant cleaning of pharmacy
laboratories and health care establishments

  • Total floor coverage with four cleaning modes
    - Spot, zig-zag, edge, and scheduled
  • Adjustable for all floor types
  • Combined suction, mopping, and UV sterilization
  • Intelligent dust detecting system
  • LED display with touch panel
  • Extended battery capacity. Vacuum duration up to 90 minutes
  • EPA filter technology, washable bin
  • Remote control for guided cleaning in hard to reach area
  • Audible completion and error notifications
  • Warranty 1 year



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