UniSpend Anhydrous is an elegant, easy to use, plant-based oral suspension vehicle. This product utilizes triglycerides that are resistant to oxidation and are preservative-free. UniSpend Anhydrous comes in a sweetened and unsweetened version. UniSpend Anhydrous Sweetened is naturally sweetened and fortified with a bitterness masking agent for optimal palatability. UniSpend Anhydrous Unsweetened is unsweetened and contains no dyes and has virtually no taste.

Benefits of UniSpend Anhydrous:

  • Anhydrous for water unstable actives
  • Extended beyond-use dating: 180 day stability per USP <795>
  • Preservative, allergen, dye and BHT Free (No corn, soy, dairy, nuts, gluten, or eggs)
  • Sweetened and unsweetened versions for dosing flexibility when taste-masking matters most
  • Ideal for human and veterinary patients
  • Easily flavored using water-soluble and oil-miscible flavors


UniSpend Anhydrous Product Sheet.pdf


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