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Oral liquid suspension vehicles.
FagronLab™ is the first global product line of compounding equipment. Hand selected by pharmacists for pharmacists.



With the holiday season upon us, we wanted to do something extra special for our customers this year! Starting today through December 18th, we are giving 9 days of discounts on select products and bundles! Check out these awesome offers below:

1. 35% off FagronLab™ AMS Hotplate or FagronLab™ PRO DMS Hotplate
2. Tricho Bundle: Conditioner, Foam, Oil, Serum, Solution, & Wash
Pick Any 3 = $399 (~$570 value)
Pick Any 4 = $480 (~$760 value)
3. API + Base --> 25g Pimobendan ($350) + FREE 500g Chewhesive OR 100g Pimobendan ($1,200) + FREE 2.5kg Chewhesive
4. Base Bundle: 500g SSLS + 1kg Pentravan + 100ml SyrSpend Alka + 500g Clovagel for $440 (~$630 value)
5. API Special --> 25g Naltrexone ($360) + FREE 100g SimpleCap OR 100g Naltrexone ($1,200) + FREE 1kg SimpleCap
6. Base Bundle: 100g Polymatrix for $85 OR 500g Polymatrix or $205, both with FREE 500ml UniSpend Triple Fish
7. Base Bundle: Nourivan + Cleoderm for $140 (~$240 value)
8. API + Base Bundle: Tobramycin Sulfate + Dispersapro for $800 (~$1400 value)
9. FREE Vacuum with purchases over $2,000

Make it a December to remember & enjoy this holiday sale by calling a Fagron representative at (800) 423-6967 today!


PHONE (800) 423-6967       EMAIL customer.service@fagron.us

*Disclaimer: Pricing valid while supplies last. Not valid on online or third party sales. Percent-off based on list price. All sales are final. While supplies last. Check with your sales representative for availability. Cannot be combined with any other existing promotion or contract pricing





    'Tis the Season for Savings! From 12/14 until 12/31, we are offering a FREE FagronLab™ EMP when you purchase 100 packs of FagronLab™ Jars at list price!