Fagron Concepts

FagronLab™ is the first global product line of compounding equipment. Hand selected by pharmacists for pharmacists.
The perfect harmony between active agents and vehicles in hair care.
Novel Multipurpose Mucosal Adhesive




  • Intimae™ (500 G)
  • Lippopen Ultra (500G, 1KG, 2.5KG)
  • HRT Natural Cream (2.5 KG, 10 KG)
  • HRT Supreme Cream Base (500 G)
  • Phytobase™ (500 G, 2.5K, 10KG)


40% OFF APIs (select sizes)

  • Testosterone Cypionate CIII
  • Testosterone Enanthate CIII
  • Testosterone Micro Soy CIII
  • Testosterone Micro Yam CIII
  • Testosterone Prop Micro CIII
  • Testosterone Pwd CIII
  • Progesterone Micro (Y<5)
  • Progesterone Micro (Y25)
  • Progesterone Micro (Y5)
  • Estradiol Micro
  • DHEA Micro
  • Pregnenolone Micro


TrichoConcept™ BOGO

  • TrichoSol™
  • TrichoWash™
  • TrichoFoam™
  • TrichoCream™
  • TrichoSerum™

*TrichoOil™ not included


20% Off Select Topi-Click® Dispensers

  • Topi-CLICK® 35ml/.25ml White 1P
  • Topi-CLICK® 35ml/.25ml A-Red 1P
  • Topi-CLICK® 35ml/.25ml PERL VDL
  • Topi-CLICK® 140ml/.5ml Blue 4P
  • Topi-CLICK® 140ml/.5ml Pink 4P
  • Topi-CLICK® 140ml/.5ml White 4P
  • Topi-CLICK® 140ml/.5ml Gold 4P


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