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The perfect harmony between active agents and vehicles in hair care.
Novel Multipurpose Mucosal Adhesive
Oral liquid suspension vehicles.

Fagron Hospital Solutions

With a focus on patient, pharmacist, and prescriber, Fagron offers unique hospital solutions that add significant value in the treatment of patients with special needs. Fagron’s just-add-water convenience packs offer the hospital pharmacist convenient and time-saving solutions to help patients while decreasing the possibility of errors. Our convenience packs cover a wide range of treatments from oral suspensions to topical anesthetics. With a global focus on innovation, we are driven to continuously provide pharmacists with the best solutions in compounding.

SyrSpend® SF Oral Suspension Vehicles
SyrSpend® SF is an innovative vehicle range for the compounding of oral liquid dosage forms. Based on food starch, SyrSpend® SF’s superior suspending properties provide consistent, individual dosing throughout treatment. The excellent compatibility with a broad range of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and meticulous ingredient safety make SyrSpend® SF highly suitable for compounding safe and stable customized medication for all patients groups, from neonates to the elderly. The SyrSpend® SF range consists of a ready-to-use liquid vehicle, a preservative-free powder for reconstitution and an alkaline suspending vehicle for acid-unstable APIs.
Benefits of SyrSpend® SF
  • Innovative and highly stable suspensions based on modified food starch
  • Formulated using only safe and well-tolerated ingredients
  • Optimal palatability and taste-masking properties for
  • improved compliance
  • Gastrointestinal friendly (osmolality <50 mOsmol/kg)
  • Compatibility with a broad range of APIs
  • API stability supported by peer-reviewed scientific articles
  • Compatible with all enteral feeding tubes
  • Active suspending technology

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SyrSpend® SF Convenience Packs
Our SyrSpend® SF line of convenience packs offer all the benefits of our best-selling suspending vehicle in a unique, preservative-free option. As always, all of the SyrSpend® SF vehicles are dye-free, sorbitol- and sugar-free, and alcohol-free, providing acceptability for a wide range of patients. The unique starch-based suspending vehicle uses patented Active Suspending Technology to assist in keeping the active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) in suspension for longer, allowing for more accurate and consistent dosing for the duration of treatment.

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LETS KIT™ Convenience Pack

The easy-to-use Fagron LETS KIT convenience pack simplifies the compounding process by offering a package containing all of the ingredients. With the addition of water, each convenience pack is designed to make 100 mL of anesthetic solution.  LETS is a solution of Lidocaine Hydrochloride, Epinephrine Bitartrate, Tetracaine Hydrochloride, Sodium Metabisulfite – is an economical and proven alternative to provide rapid topical anesthesia without the use of a controlled substance. The easy-to-use Fagron LETS KIT convenience pack simplifies the compounding process.

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LETS GEL KIT™ Convenience Pack
LETS GEL KIT™ Convenience Pack, a line extension to their industry-leading topical anesthesia convenience pack used for the prevention of pain when suturing. The newly available LETS GEL KIT™ includes SuturaGel™ Methylcellulose Base, a specifically formulated gel designed to minimize medication run-off from the treatment area. Also included in the easy-to-use kit is pre-weighed Lidocaine Hydrochloride, Epinephrine Bitartrate, Tetracaine Hydrochloride, Sodium Metabisulfite, topical syringes and complementary supplies to prepare 33 – 3 mL individual doses.


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